Friday, October 21, 2011

Diwali Celebration

Lots of commotion(didn't find a better word to describe it) at office. Deepavali celebrations is being organised with Floor decoration, Ethnic wear, Rangoli and other things. I'm not that guy who actively participates in these kind of activities, unless threatened at gunpoint or a pretty lass comes by and asks for some help. I would better go to sleep on my desk. That's why I slid down my chair and made sure that no one noticed me being free. But damn, few people have Hawk-eyes. They made me drape all the pillars with shiny orange cloth.

Oh yeah. On the theme part. They have given our floor the Kadamba. What..?? You do not know Kadambas..?? You gotta be kidding me. Kadamba.. The Kadamba Dynasty. The empire which ruled the Karnataka region during 345-525 A.D. Ok I wiki-ed the year part. But still. You must be remembering something from your primary school History class. Ok forget it. They have given us the Kadamba dynasty. And the floor colour is Yellow. So they have pasted this yellow cellophane papers across all the lights. Now it feels like the whole floor has got Jaundice.

Wait a moment.

Sorry for the interruption. Some guy asked me to decorate my cubicle. With flowers. My cubicle now looks like a First-night room. I always wondered about the cubicles. Particularly that of women. They have this teddy bears, printed coffee mugs, paper weights, cactus, interesting key-chains, pics of theirs/friend's/brother's/sister's/neighbor's babies, plastic flowers, pen stand with pens of all colors and other God-knows-what things. My(or in general a guy's) cubicle looks like a barren land when compared to theirs. Just a paper with short-cut keys for vim and linux commands. What was God thinking when he created Eve. Hmmph. Only God knows.

When I went to get coffee, I saw that the whole pantry was transformed into a Rangoli pitch/field. It looked superb. I could have been of some help. Now drop that raised eye-brows. Ya I can draw Rangoli. Better than most girls. Especially the Pulli-kolam(I do not know what they call it in other languages. Its a form of rangoli where you first keep the dots, then you connect them or interlace them using various patterns creating various designs. Google is acting a little weird today, I will post the pic later). If I had participated in any Rangoli competition, I would have given the girls a run for their money. But I thought that it would be too Gay to do that. And when did Sherwani become ethnic wear for South-Indian men..? Stupid, I say.

Do you know whats the most difficult thing at a work place. No, its not working for 12 or 14 or 16hrs that's difficult. It's when you don't have any work and still have to act like you are very busy with lotsa work, that my Friend, is the most difficult thing. I feel guilty sometimes. They pay me so much, and I'm sitting here, blogging and ridiculing their efforts to make us happy and comfortable.


This is my 3rd post in the last 3 days. Kinda record for me. Hope I keep up the good work...:-)

P.S: Google is acting really weird. Its throwing up lots of Errors. If possible I will post this today(21st Oct) orelse there's always another day. I'm not launching rockets after all..;-)


  1. You seem to be a new blogger :)

    :D I probably am the only one who had *her* photos all over the cubicle, on all the desktops :D One time it used to be all the rock bands I liked and later when I was more of a self-ob it was well, just my face!

    Later on, when I moved up the ladder, I stopped decorating my, it's plain nothing interesting...

    I liked your blog, thanks for following me, grabbing the rss feed of yours :)

  2. Hi Chintan, thanks for dropping by. Ya I'm an infant as far as blogging is concerned.

    I thot Rock bands n Toy cars were a guy's thing.:)

  3. Hahaha.. nice read, bro.. cn sooo relate to u.. we hv ethnic days, rangolis n such stuff happenin all over the floor :)

    Loved the cubicle into first nite rooms..bindaas, man :)

  4. Nice post! :) Totally agree that it's most difficult to pretend to be busy!

  5. A record achievement! I can only dream of posting back-to-back blogs.

    "It's when you dont have any work and still have to act like you are very busy with lotsa work, that my Friend, is the most difficult thing"