Wednesday, August 24, 2011


    If you gonna read this I better clarify that theres nothing in this post that you would want to read. Its just that I felt really sorry for my blog. Wait, hold on for a second. I do have something to tell. I wanted to tell this for a very long while. I saw that everyone has a welcome post or something of that sort explaining why they are writing, what sort of things you can find in their blogs and blah blah blah... But I realized that I do not have one. But there’s nothing of that sort for me. I just started writing because I wanted a way to vent out my frustration and anger over a particular incident (read my first post). And I myself do not have any idea about what I want to write or what I’m gonna write. So there it goes, full on action from the very start. Absolutely no bullshit.

                 Yeah, coming back to ‘Feeling sorry for my blog’ part. I really do feel very bad for my blog. Its like inviting one of your friends to home because you are bored and then leaving him behind as another friend of yours invited you to their house. If I were my blog I would have been really pissed. Sorry mate.  So this post is for my beloved blog. Not for me, not for those few people who peek into you to see what nonsense I have written, not to make full use of the 1Mbps connection that I have got at home, not for anything else. Its just for you. This is what I can do for all the things you have given me (?!?!?!?).

                  And from now on I will try to be regularly in touch with you. This is difficult for me but, I promise that I will find time to complete all those half written posts and make sure that they see the light of day. Even though there are a million things that I want to tell you, I’m presently out of time. And also theres a team meeting which I need to attend in about 12mins. So this is all I can tell you in this short span of time.  So take care till I catch up with you the next time.

P.S: “Nothing but Shit” is a title inspired from an album of Ilaiyaraja called “Nothing but Wind”. Please do listen to it if you find time and if you like to listen to a Violin talking.