Thursday, September 15, 2011

I'm Hungry..!!

It was 11:00 p.m. Sahil was dropped at his house by the office cab. He lived there with his friend. But his friend was not at home that day. He went to his native to attend his cousin’s marriage, 2 days ago. He would be coming the next morning. Sahil hurried up to his house in the second floor. He unlocked the door quickly and got in. He went to the kitchen and opened the refrigerator to find something to eat. Only the empty bottles of Teacher’s Choice, Signature, Blackdog and others stood there. He found a little amount of Sprite left in a bottle. Quickly grabbed it and poured it in his mouth.

“Did it even wet my tongue”? He thought.

It was late. All the restaurants were closed while he was returning in the cab. Even the road side eateries were not there. He thought he could find something at home. Ankit always kept something to eat at home.

“Oh, what shall I do now”? He thought again. He was hungry beyond he could explain. Then he filled a glass full of water, dumped lots of sugar in it, stirred and drank it in a gulp.

“May be this will hold that Hunger-demon for a while”, he said to himself. He then went and hit the bed.

The clock struck 12. Sahil woke up and sat on the bed and gave a huge grunt. The pain was unbearable. The sweetness of sugar was no match for the audacity of the Hunger-demon. He felt like someone was playing with a flail in his stomach. He got up and went into the kitchen again. He searched all the containers to find something that he could eat. He found nothing but sugar, salt, oil and other things but nothing which he can cook. He gave a deep thought about something.

He then lit the stove and placed a kadai on it, poured oil into that. He left it to heat up. Then he prepared a marinade with whatever he could find in the kitchen. He mixed it well. Just when the oil was about to boil, he smeared the marinade over his hands and dipped them into the kadai. He simmered it around in the kadai. After 5mins he took them out. They were perfectly cooked, like a deep fried chicken. He took it to his nose and smelled it.

“Perfect”, he said. Then he took a bite of it.

“Oh My God.!!", shuddered Sahil on his bed gasping for air.

“What kind of dream was that?”, he thought. He was shivering and sweating profusely. His throat went dry. He wiped the sweat off his forehead and suddenly felt something different. He switched on the lights. His blood Froze when he saw his “Deep fried hands”.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


I myself do not know why or what I’m posting. May be just to keep the promise I made to my blog that I will regularly be in contact with him. So let’s dissect this post a little. WHY am I posting this..?? Well you see, facebook has been blocked at my office since last week. And there haven’t been any BUGS recently to bug me. And I can’t leave the office without completing 9hrs. There you go, 9hrs at office without work or facebook. What else to do. And I think someone said, “Make hay while the sun shines”. So you got the answer for WHY.
                    Now lets come to WHAT. But explaining what I’m posting here becomes the WHAT part here. Kind of a Paradox isn’t it..?? Ok lets not digress. Then I thought maybe I could post something here. So what shall I post? See I have this habit of Googling about random things. When I say random, its Random. Anything under, above or around the sun, even a few light years away from it. About people, places, events, softwares, movies, just about anything. But then, I didn’t search anything on Google today. And when I thought about searching something on it nothing came to my mind which was worth searching.
                   Then it struck me. The incident that happened today morning. I got up as usual at 6:30 a.m. cursing myself for not being a Sanyasi. Then started with my morning chores. As I was carrying on with my business, I saw these ants. The small black ones that don’t bite you.  They sometimes steal your sugar from your shelves. Those ants. As they were moving along the wall they seemed like they were dashing/colliding with each other. Like they were blindfolded and couldn’t see who was coming in front of them. But then they didn’t seem like they were dashing/colliding with each other. It looked like they were greeting each other.
                  Not that I never noticed this before but it never intrigued me so much. May be this was the first time I noticed this while in loo. It’s the place where you are all by yourself. Your fortress of solitude. The place where your past comes as slideshows, your present feels pleasant and your future looks clear. If it was Banyan tree for Buddha, it’s the loo for many of us. So I sat there wondering why they did so. But as it was getting late for the office I had to flush the toilet as well my thoughts then.
                 So I typed on Google, “Why do ants touch each other while moving”. Tingggg came the results. As I dwelled through them I came to know that it was their way of communicating. Their way of telling the other ant that the route they are following it safe, that they could find the food there or its waste following the path. Its how they pass on the message from one ant to the other. Their primary mode of communication is through smell. The different combination of chemicals specifies different commands. And these commands are followed obediently by each one of them. Have you ever observed that when you pull an ant out of its line it somehow again falls back into the line. This is due to the trail of chemicals left behind by the other ants. They are highly organizational creatures.
                 Coming to the point. What is that I’m trying to say.? Nothing. Or may be theres something we all can learn from those tiny ants. Discipline, Obedience, Trust, Helpfulness and Teamwork. They are such small beings yet so good at these basic characteristics that a Human should possess. But guess how many of us possess at least a few of those..?? I will let you answer that…
                So, from shit to philosophy. Wonder how strange this human mind works. Anyways let’s not get too serious. I don’t want the Joker come ask me “Whyyy so Seriousss”..?? :-)