Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Long long ago so long ago there lived a very Smart Indian. One fine day while he was doing his routine job, he suddenly got an idea. He immediately converted his idea into an Invention. All the other Indians who were also smart but not as smart as him were amazed by his invention. Everyone congratulated him on his fine invention. The King summoned him to his court and honored him. He asked the Smart Indian to invent many such things. The Smart Indian felt very happy. The other Indians asked the Smart Indian’s permission to use his invention, for which he agreed happily. For he took pride in his invention being used by others.

Another fine day an Arab came to the Smart Indian’s village. There he saw the people using something new. He came to know that it was the Smart Indian’s invention. So he went to the Smart Indian and asked him to give him a piece of his invention for which he would pay him 5 bucks. The Smart Indian felt really happy now. Not only his invention will be used by a foreigner but also he will get paid for it. So he agreed for it instantly. And the Arab took the invention to his country and started using it there.

                Again another fine day when a Britisher went to the Arab to do business, he saw the invention of the Smart Indian. He enquired the Arab about the invention and its inventor. He saw a great potential for the invention. So he took a ship and made a voyage to India to meet the Smart Indian. When he found him, he made a business agreement with the Smart Indian. That he would pay him 2 bucks more than the Arab and the Smart Indian had to produce many pieces of his invention which he would sell in his country. Now the Smart Indian was overwhelmed with happiness and agreed for the business deal.
                The Britisher took the invention to his country and started selling them for 15 bucks. He got richer by the day. And an American, who saw this, got an idea. He said that he would invent something similar but much better than it. So he puts a lot of effort and invents an improved version of the Indian’s invention. Everyone was amazed by the new improved version. They start buying the new invention from the American even though it was 3 bucks more costly than what the Britisher sold.
                And a Chinese who saw all these got an even bigger idea. He said that he would invent something similar to the American’s invention and sell it at half the price. As he knew the American’s invention was an improved version of the Indian’s invention, he bribes a politician from the Smart Indian’s village and asks him to steal the procedure of producing the Indian’s invention for which he would pay him 50 bucks. And then the Chinese started producing the invention and sold them for 9 bucks. Since the Chinese sold the products at a lower price, others’ business fell down.
                The Smart Indian who was now left jobless, went to the Chinese. He told the Chinese that he has an idea by which he can produce the product at even lesser cost. So the Chinese employs the Smart Indian to produce his product at lower cost and paid him 1 buck for each piece. The Smart Indian felt very very happy. And lived happily ever after.