Friday, April 27, 2012

:D :D :D :D :D

Now, don't wonder about the title. Its the mood I'm in now. Grinning wide from ear to ear. How quickly our day turns from tired to lazy to super-active to super-happy. Our day, and if we could extend it further, even our lives depend upon the people we are surrounded by and their lives. And when we see them happy, we are bound to feel happy too.

I don't pray to God often. Or lets say I don't ask things to God often. Its usually a quick 'Thank You' or 'Take Care'(of me, of-course :P). If at all I ask, its for better health for the dear ones and a good and happy life for all(I know, its a bit too much. But hey, He is supposed to be the God and I'm supposed to be Good, right..??). And when such days come by, I'm sure that God was listening to my prayers with a set of Sennheiser headphones. I'm also very surprised by the fact that how, many little happy moments combine to become a very happy occasion or a happy day.

And today it was all because of my friends, and to an extent, this video. Been listening to it all day. Like in the ad it was used, "Everyday is Amazing". And yes I digress. My friends. Yes, today I'm super happy because they all are happy. If one has joined a new job this past week, to make a new career, other got a good job offer. If one has gone to Gelf for a better life another rediscovered love or started rediscovering. I know, they are all very happy. But none are as happy as me. You ask how..?? I will explain you. Lets consider they are all 100% happy, then I'm 400% happy or even more. Because happiness can only be transferred from one person to another with equal quantity or more but never less..:D

Also I sincerely hope that these things remain this way and don't turn out to be like an election manifesto of our politicians. That would be very disappointing. And you don't want me to get disappointed. It gets real bad(eyes start to become green(the pre-effect of 'The Avengers' ;-) ) ). And grinning so wide all day with my cubicle placed adjacent to the Ladies' restroom is not helping me in any way. Hope that none of them were going through PMS.

Ok folks, thats it for now. Thats all my brain can think of now. I assume my story writing ability is diminishing by the day. Need to write my B.E exams once again, that will replenish it I suppose. So go back to whatever you were doing. There are better things to do in life than reading my posts. Go Go.

And yes, did I mention that I got promoted to Senior Software Engineer yesterday..??

Yesterday, my status on FB was, "Senior Software Engineer..?? Me..?? *Scratching-my-head in puzzlement*". And I still stand by it...;-)

Ok, Ta Ta. Bye Bye.