Friday, July 19, 2013

The Bus Romance.

Ram came running and got into the bus just in time.

He was taking deep breaths. This was the only bus that went directly to his office stop. Orelse he had to change to another bus at an intersection to reach his office.

The conductor came. He bought the tickets. That is when he saw her. Sitting at a distance, facing towards him. She was looking elsewhere listening to music on her phone. Her hair tucked behind her ears. Kohl adorned her eyes. And time and again few strands of hair fell on her face which she again tucked behind her ears. In no time he was mesmerised by her beauty. He couldn't believe he was falling for her. For a woman he only saw a few minutes ago.

"There is an empty seat behind", the conductor told him.

"No, I'm fine", he replied.

The conductor gave him a weird look. But he was too immersed in looking at her to bother about the conductor's look. He cursed his bad luck for not finding her at a better place. Where he could have went and spoke to her. "Now this will end as soon as she reaches her stop", he thought.

"Wait, I will talk to her here. Whats wrong in that. May be I will ask for her number. And then I will ask her out. We could go on a date. I will propose to her. We would be married. We will have beautiful kids.", he thought. He shook his head slowly and smiled to himself at his thoughts. That is when he noticed, she glanced at him.

"Did she just look at me.??", he asked himself. "May be she was wondering why this fool was smiling to himself and shaking his head", retorted his sadistic self.

And then she clearly looked in his direction. He turned back slowly to see if she was looking at someone else. No, it was him. And now she smiled. Ram went weak in his knees.

"Is this really happening? Is she really smiling at me? My thoughts weren't that stupid after all. And what is this weird feeling in my stomach? Are those hypothetical butterflies flying in my stomach?", he thought. All these thoughts kept popping in his head like the corns in an oven. His smile changed to a wide grin now.

Just then he saw her getting up from her seat. "Oh shit. Has she reached her stop? Is she getting off the bus? No, I have to talk to her. And get her number. I wont let it end like this", he said to himself.

As the bus neared the stop, she went and stood near the door. Ram pushed himself through the little crowd and stood behind her hesitatingly. The stop arrived.

*cough, cough* Ram coughed to get her attention. The doors opened. Just before getting down, she turned her head, gave him a coy look, smiled at him and said, "Your fly is open".

Friday, July 12, 2013

The Evil Sneeze

Rahul entered the house quietly. The house was dark.

"Power cut. Great.!!", he thought.

He went up the stairs without making any noise. He knew the house well. The darkness didn't bother him.

He went to the bedroom, silently sneaking behind Priya, who was busy on her laptop.

"Achoooo....", Rahul sneezed.

"Bless you", Priya said turning back, only to discover that no one was behind her.

P.S: Were you spooked..?? Well if yes, thank this guy, I shamelessly try to imitate him to spook. If you weren't, then you have to surely head over to his blog to get properly spooked. And, he is getting published. :-)