Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Buzzzzzing BEE

Aahh. Have you ever experienced the feeling where you are constantly under disturbance. Its not annoyance mind it. Just disturbance. That's what I have been experiencing since few days. To say exactly since the past 3-4 days. Its like you are sitting in a park trying to think hard about something but suddenly a bee comes by, Buzzing around.

You just flicker your hand to shoo off the bee and then again it comes back buzzing.

Its just pure disturbance. Not letting me think about anything. And I'm unable to catch this bee and kill it or atleast catch it, put it in a box and throw it far away. Its all fully disturbed for me right now. Ok now let me rant about few things here.

My seating location was changed for the fourth time in the last 40 days. It was actually my entire team. But still. At first my cubicle was beside 2 pretty things. Then they said they were doing some re-ordering and sent our entire team to a small lab on the below floor. That lab was smaller than an average Computer lab in a High school. Then they scattered us all around that floor. Then they called us back to our previous floor. And my manager made me sit in a cubicle that is beside his. As though its gonna bother me..;-) And then he went on-site.

The irritating part here is, once you sit in a place it takes time to get accustomed to the environment. To find out all the good looking women on that floor and know their locations and the distance between you and the nearest good looking one. When I'm done with all this things, they pull me out of there and throw me in a new place. Aarghhhh.

I have been wanting to write a lot. But instead of writing I end up reading. Its the blog I'm talking about. Not that I dont have ideas to write. I'm a bit lazy. Ok, much more than bit.  What..?? Ok I'm a lazy-ass who doesn't even move his bum right to left. I know you are no less. But the thing is, even before writing I start thinking What to write..? How to write..? When to write..? And end up not writing at all. I didn't even have much work at office lately.

So I end up reading blogs whenever I feel like writing a post. Then I made up my mind yesterday and posted this. Not that I posted something good. But something is always better than nothing, isn't it.? I still want to write more. And keep the promise I made to my blog. But then who cares. I also need to change its look. I'm getting bored with it. But not now. I'm very much disturbed.

Ah..!! The happy part. I'm leaving for home tomorrow, for Deepavali. Will be a week long holiday. In case any of you read this before Deepavali, here you go "Happy Deepavali"..:-) Wear new dress, eat lotsa sweets, light lotsa diyas, burst crackers, burn your fingers. Ok not the last one. But have a blast. I shall go home, catch that bee, tie it to a Rocket and send it away to the skies. And by the way, theres a love story coming around. Keep reading. :-)


  1. No Diwali for me...I have my exams till 28th and i am at Hostel..tht too in a state whr they dont celebrate Diwali the way it is in the North :(

    Have an awesome time!
    About the Disturbance and Irritated part, well it is a part of life :D

  2. @Red- Dats bad. Hope u have a blast writing ur exams..:-)

  3. Happy Diwali to you too! Good luck with that bee! and also.. with spotting good looking women on your floor..:D

  4. Well, Kanthu. I hope you're not lazy enough to skip Deepavali celebrations also... ;)

  5. @Shruthi: Thank u, Thank u..:-)

  6. Aaah, the irony of a new seat :)

    totally agree to u man.. just whn u get a hang of the PYTs in one area n devise strategies to talk wid them, they change ur place somewhr else... i hear u bro... it totally sux man.. :)

    hope u hd a gr8 Diwali man.. n considerin the month nw, here's wishin u a great time at X mas n a happy new 2012 :)