Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My favorite Jingles.

I know people get hooked to songs. But ads..?? Yes they do. And I'm one of them. By Ads I mean jingles. In the present day scenario where each and everything is advertised to such an extent that they get on to your nerve, we don't even want to remember those ads after a few moments. But few, very few of them get your attention. And even fewer of them get etched into your memory forever. The sudden spurt of happiness you get when you see or hear them is just priceless.

          So some of the ads which caught my attention and will always remain etched in my memory due to their catchy tunes are as follows in the order of their priority.

1. This ones a gem. I'm not a regular Tea/Coffee guy. But if my Coffee is served with this ambiance every morning and this jingle playing in the background. I dont mind becoming a Coffee addict.


2. Ah. I just love this song. I can mumble it all day long and still be not bored by it. But there was a time when I had a HUTCH prepaid connection and every time I called their Customer care, they used to make me wait with this song running in loop, like for infinity. Now that bitterness has turned into a sweet love..:-)

In case you too wanna mumble it, here's the lyrics.

                             You and I, in this beautiful world, 
                                   Green grass, blue skies,
                                    In this beautiful world
                      You and I, winding lanes as streams go by,
                             You and I, in this beautiful world...

3. Very few ads connect rightly with their theme. If a soft-drink says Limca-Do Pal Taazgi, then this coveys it the best way. And Adah Sharma looks too good to be described in few words.


4. This is one among those which leaves you wanting more. I can never get enough of it.


5. How can this list be complete without the famous Airtel ad with Rahman in it. But it made only to the last position. Thats due to the overuse of it. I have never seen a jingle exploited to such level.


       There are still many others, but these are my top 5. And I like them just for their Jingles(or to say, for their music), nothing else...:-)

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  1. hey nice post.. youre right, that limca ad jingle is really addictive!even the way it is being picturised.. impressive commercial..