Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Vijay, Sowmya and Sunil were sitting at the Blue Moon bar and restaurant.

Vij          - Where’s this Karthik..?
Sowmya - He texted me he would be here in 5 mins.
Sunil       - It’s been 10mins since he texted that.
Sowmya - Its Ok guys. He might have got stuck in the traffic.
Vij          - Ido paar’ra. Enna avnuku support ah..! (Don't try to support him, ok!)
Sowmya - Oye. Enna sound rise aagudu(Hey. Don’t raise your voice). I have your dad’s number. Should I tell him where you are now..?
Vij          - Sowmi, that's a beautiful dress you are wearing.
Sowmya - Adanguda..!! (Don't overact)
Sunil       - Guys, he’s the one who is treating us. He should have been here before us.
Sowmya - Ok we shall order some drinks till he comes.
Sunil       - Why is he treating us..?
Vij          - He said it’s a surprise.
Sowmya - I think he might have got a pay hike or promotion. He was talking about it last time.
Vij          - Life na avandu(His’ is life). AC cabin, company car and 12 out of 22 in his team are females. Avanukku engayo maccham irukku(He’s got a mole somewhere-means a Lucky person).
Sowmya - Ada chi. (You cheap)
Vij         - What chi..? Your parents will search a groom for you. He would be earning so much that he could retire even before your children would go to Kinder-Garten. But me. I have my problems. Already I have to wear a cap to hide my sottai(baldness), kannu vere mangala theriyudu(eye sight is getting blurry), if 3yrs go by, it would be a waste even if I marry.
Sunil       - Hey Sowmi, aama when is your marriage.?
Sowmya - Guys I have got a good career going. Why to spoil it just to sit at home and cook for some guy. I’m in no urgency to get married. But mom keeps on pestering me.
Vij          - Then tell your mom that you are seeing someone and need time to tie the knot.
Sowmya - Then mom would ask me to bring him home. Where should I go for this 'Imaginary Boy-friend'.?
Vij          - Idho namba Sunil irukaru la. (We have Sunil right here). Take him with you as your boy-friend.
Sunil       - Dai, inna nakkala..? (Hey, are you making fun of me.?)
Sowmya - That I cant.
Vij          - Why..?
Sowmya - Because I have told my mom that he is GAY.
Sunil       - What..?? Gay..?? Me..?? ………..but Why..??
Sowmya - Or else how do you expect my parents to send me out with you so many times, that too so late at night some times.
Vij         - (laughing) Super. Pootuko..(Give me an Hi-five)
Vij         - (laughing)Dai Sunil, who is your boy friend da..? Hey Sowmi, whom did you say his boy-friend is to your parents.?
Sowmya - (*Wicked smile*)
Vij          - What..? Naana(me)..? Is this why your mom was asking me whether I know how to cook and wash and all..?
Sunil       - Ippo pootuko.(Now give me an Hi-five)
Vij          - I’m gonna kill you.
Karthik   - Hey guys.. Wassup..??
Vij          - Vaada. Romba seekirama vandutte. (Come man. You have come so early)
Karthik   - Sorry da. Too much traffic.
Vij          - We too came by the same road, and we know how much traffic there is.
Karthik   - So are you guys ready for the surprise..?
Vij          - Dai wait. There’s some serious question going-on on my manhood. I have to put an end to this right here right now.
Karthik   - What..??
Sowmya - So how are you planning to end it..?
Vij          - I’m gonna get a girl-friend right here right now.
Sowmya - Seriously..? Well, then look at her. I think she’s perfect for you.
Vij          - If she crops her hair and wears a shirt and pant she would perfectly look like a man. May be you can use her as your Imaginary boy-friend.
Sunil       - Ava(Her).?
Vij          - Dei, en range ku soldra.(Hey, suggest someone of my range)
Karthik   - Dho andha figure..? (What about that chick..? )
Vij          - Machan nee dhan da en Friend.(Buddy, you are my friend). Super figure da. Homely face, sexy structure and good sense of fashion. Figure na iddhan figure.
Also she is standing alone and seems lost in the crowd, which means she doesn't have a boy-friend.
Karthik   - I don’t think so.
Vij          - What..??
Karthik   - Just a moment.
Karthik   - Guys, this is Smitha, my fiancée. Smitha, this is Sowmya, Sunil and Vijay, my friends. This is my Surprise.
Vij          - (In his mind) Nejamaave Gay’a maaranum poola irukke. (Seems like I have to become a Gay for real)

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