Monday, June 6, 2011


It’s June 6 and well past 4 in the evening. Felt the cool breeze through the glass window that was just open. Even though it was pleasant, it was quite disturbing. So got up to close it completely, but I instead opened it a bit more. Cos it was raining heavily. And it was Bliss to watch.

               Rain does bring out emotions in us, some people feel rain to be romantic, while few feel lonely, few feel depressed and low, and few feel happy. But it sure does arouse human feelings, a wide range of feelings.

               I had a rather strange feeling, a feeling of déjà vu. Not quite the one you would expect while raining. As though I already awaited this moment. It was more pleasant than the cool breeze and even more disturbing. Pleasant because I somehow knew this would happen, disturbing because it happened the exact same way I thought it would happen.

               The previous year during the same time I stood on the balcony of my college hostel, staring at the roads below long lost to the What-would-I-be-doing-next-year-this-time thoughts while it was RAINING. It was then I thought, I could be sitting in an Office, doing work which made no sense to what I have studied and may be not even noticing if its sunny or windy or raining. And here I stood doing the exact same thing. If it weren’t for the ‘Just opened window’ and the ‘Cool breeze’, I would have in all probability not noticed the rain too.

                Rain for me signifies Life, it just emanates so much Life. But I felt Lifeless, bound inside a cubicle behind the Glass window. All I could do was, get a cup of Hot Coffee and write a blog. By the time I finished writing this the coffee went cold and tasted Bitter, so did I, and my Memories…

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