Friday, May 8, 2015


I came out of the bar, dropped my cigarette and crushed it. On any other night I would've been too drunk to even walk 10 steps straight. Not tonight. I didn't feel like it. But I do not know what to do with the night either. I sleep late and I sleep little. Alcohol soothes me. But I guess I have been drinking a little too much the past few days.

The air inside was so intoxicating, almost choking. But I do not feel like leaving either. I wonder what other people do during the night. Everyone has their addiction. Things that they get high on. And then they hit the sack. There are lot less people usually when I come out. I then go to our apartment and climb up to the top of the building and look at night sky and the cityscape. There's a certain calmness to it. Tonight I came out while it is still young. I see people bustling around. Too much noise. May be I should go back in.


While I was in my dilemma I noticed a car coming too fast.

Punk! The idiot's gonna get himself killed.

And in a split second he hit a guy on a motorbike when he changed lanes without warning, to overtake the car ahead of him. The guy on the motorbike came to a halt after skidding for a pretty long distance. He lay there motionless. Mostly dead. Hit the road pretty hard. And the asshole in the car didn't slow down. He's not gonna stop. I know vermins like him.

I'm going to teach this fucker a lesson.

I quickly got into my car and pursued him. He drove fast. But it won't stop me from getting him. I throttled up. He kept changing lanes. Overtaking one vehicle after the other. A drunk guy behind the wheels. Or a burglar trying to get away quick. Well, he must have been a little more careful. He's not gonna get away after killing a human. Not under my watch. I almost got close to him. He tried to lose me by switching lanes again.

Run, you punk. Keep runnin'.

He almost hit a car. Avoided it by hitting the brakes. And that was my chance. I sped up and got adjacent to him. I looked at him. I knew from his looks that he was shitting in his pants, already. I signaled him to stop. But the moron didn't heed, and wouldn't stop.

Ok, asshole! I know how to crack the nut.

I went a little away from his car and then slammed into it. The car hit the sidewalk and almost toppled. But he managed to steer back on to the course. The look on his face now. He was petrified. He should be. He doesn't know what he's gonna get next. Then I slammed again. This time, much harder and much faster. His car veered off the the road and hit a light pole. My windshields were shattered. I hit the brakes hard and came to halt a little ahead. I got out of my car and walked towards the asshole's car. His car kept honking. Must have hit the wheel. The fool would've not used the seat belt.

He better be unconscious. Or else he's gonna get some more.

I opened his car door and peered inside. He sat there, unconscious, his face on the wheel, mostly bleeding. I took out a cigarette and lit it up. I had a few bruises myself.

Should I call the cops or the ambulance? Or should I just leave!? He left someone to die, after all.

I then noticed something inside his car. Between the front and the back seats. I reached in and turned on the lights. I was horrified. There was a woman. She was bleeding and was not moving. I wasn't sure if she was breathing either.


She was pregnant.


    I wasnt ready for that!
    The ending...damn!!! I liked the way you wrote this one.

    1. Look who commented. :-)
      Thanks for reading and commenting, Red. Yes, this is my first 'first person' narrative. Seems fun. Will try to write more of this kind. :-)

  2. Woah! Is this a real incidence or a story?
    Very well written and the end is really unexpected. Keel up the good work.

    1. It's fiction. Thanks for reading and commenting. :-)