Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Music for life.

Vishal saw Kiran at a distance. Kiran was Vishal's colleague. They both lived in the same locality, so Vishal thought they could go together in the bus and catch up about their work and stuff.

Vishal called out Kiran's name. But Kiran didn't turn back. He called him again couple of times. Everyone else except Kiran turned back to see who was hawking Kiran.

"Is he deaf?" Vishal thought, exasperated.

He quickly ran towards him as shouting his name didn't help.

As Kiran was to step down from the sidewalk onto the road, Vishal caught up to him and put his hand on Kiran's shoulder. Kiran turned around to see Vishal catching his breath and Vishal understood why Kiran couldn't hear him. Kiran took off his earphones.

"What happened?", Kiran asked.

"I have been calling out your name and everyone was looking at me like I was a crazy person. That's what happened", Vishal said.

"Oh, I was listening to music. That is why I couldn't hear you", said Kiran.

"Well, should you be listening to music even while walking and crossing roads?", Vishal asked.

"Sorry man, I can't live without my music", Kiran said, put on his earphones back and stepped onto the road without heeding to the horn of the oncoming minibus.

True to his words, Kiran didn't live without his music.

PS: Writing is such a great thing. You know, sometimes you're irritated by some people and then you want to punch them in the face or kick them in the ass or strangle them with your bare hands or do all of the above. But you can't. Not because you don't want to hurt them but because if you do so you will be put in jail. And that kinda sucks. So what you can do is, you write a story, you make them a part of the story as a really annoying, irritating character whom people will hate. And then you kill that character in the end. Sadistic pleasure. *Evil grin* :-]


  1. yaa, nice message, earphones can cause fatal accidents.

    thanks a ton for giving me a wonderful idea to spit my frustration...I know so many such pple who i wish to kick and just kick :X

    1. Always happy to be of help. Now go and kill them I say, in the story I mean. :P

  2. I just came across a very disturbing picture of a girl whose hands was chopped off by the train. She was listening to "music" and couldn't hear the sound of the arriving train from behind. She was so much distracted that she slipped from the platform and fell on the tracks.
    I always listen to music with one ear phone plugged in and one not, unless I am at home. People really don't value their and other people's lives.
    Also, I am sorry, but your P.S. kind of made me laugh.

    1. My point exactly. No matter how good the music is or how addicted you are to it, it is not worth more than your life.
      Glad that my PS made you laugh. :-)

  3. Io...I need to quit listening to music on my walk back home from work...

    and ur P.S haha u really despise someone dont u?

    1. It's not particularly directed at someone. Here Kiran is the embodiment of many such irritating people I have come across. And there are lots of them. They block your way when you want to get out of the elevator while you incessantly keep saying 'Excuse me', cross the roads without heeding to the oncoming vehicles, turn a deaf ear to the bus conductors asking them something and not responding to your cries on the road. :-)

  4. That P.S though.. !! :)
    I may have to write atleast 3 stories per day if I follow this.. Great idea.. I might just follow. :) :)