Friday, July 11, 2014

Love gifts.

"I have a surprise for you today" read the text from Vidya.

Anand texted back, "What surprise?"

"You will find out when you reach home today", she replied back.

When Anand reached his apartment in the evening the watchman called him. "You have got a courier, sir", he said. Anand signed the registry and received the package. It read "From, Vidya" on it.

"So this is the surprise", Anand thought.

He went to his flat and opened the package with excitement. There was a white shirt in it. Anand looked at it, puzzled. "Just a plain white shirt? This is her surprise for me?" Anand wondered.

He took out the shirt and opened it. A white cover fell from inside the shirt. He picked it up.

"Just for your eyes. ;-)", read on the cover.

He opened the cover. It had a picture inside it. A picture of Vidya wearing nothing but the plain white shirt. Her curvy figure quiet visible through the translucent cloth. She looked sensuous. She looked ravishing. It was a sight for Anand's sore eyes.

A week later...

The door bell rang. Vidya opened the door.

"Madam, courier." said the courier guy.

Vidya signed the acknowledgement form and received the package.

"From, Anand", it read on the package. Vidya's face lit up. She crashed into the bean bag and started tearing the cloth lined cover from one end. It had a neatly gift wrapped box inside it. She unwrapped it with glee. She opened the box. It had a beautiful black 2 piece laced lingerie. Her cheeks now turned a little pink. She was blushing. She stood up and decided to try them on. She took them out of the box. And below them she found a white cover.

"Just for your eyes. ;-)", it read on the cover.

She opened it slowly, praying that it not be what she thinks it to be. And then she slumped into the bean bag, looking at the picture of a hairy Anand wearing nothing but the black 2 piece laced lingerie.


  1. lol!! that was hilarious!! hahahahehehe!


  2. And she couldn't look at him again for a loong time to come. :D

    1. I'd be surprised if she doesn't break up with him. :P And if she doesn't, she sure is a keeper. ;-)

  3. this one was so good.. I read your story about dogs and was expecting something horrible in the box from him, but it turned out to be sweet.. :)

    1. 'turned out to be sweet', you are talking about the lingerie and not about the picture of a hairy Anand, right? :P