Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Cellmate chronicles

Chronicle 1

Two guys in a jail cell.
Guy1: Who are you?
Guy2: I'm an environmentalist.
Guy1: Environmentalist? What did you do? Protest against cutting tress.?
Guy2: Nope. I grew plants.
Guy1: That's insane.
Guy2: I know, right?
Guy1: What plants did you grow.?
Guy2: Marijuana.
Guy2: Why are you in.?
Guy1: I bought plants.
Guy2: Marijuana.??
Guy1: Yep.!!

They both Hi5 and live happily in their jail cell.

Chronicle 2
So a guy was put in jail. His cellmate asked him, "Who are you?"
He said, "I'm a scientist."
"A scientist.? What did you do to be put in here?", his cellmate asked.
"I invented a new drug. It makes people behave like dogs.", the scientist replied.
"So the drug didn't work as expected and killed people?", questioned the cellmate, now curious.
For that the scientist replied, "No the drug worked alright. The guy injected with the drug pissed on a electric transformer with his one leg up. And he got electrocuted."


  1. I am wondering what is your source for these jail jokes :-)

  2. heheheh hahahah! that really cracked me up!