Sunday, July 10, 2011

Ananthakrishnan : Hi young man how r u..?
Me : Hi.. I’m doing fine. How abot u..?
AK : Thanks for asking. I’m fine. Seems like u are moving to a new job.
Me : Ya. In 2 weeks time.
AK : Thats good to hear.
Me : Well. Thank You.
AK : So how much are they paying you.
Me :  Almost double the present .
AK : U must be really happy.
Me : Ya kind of.
AK : Kind of..? When I was ur age I earned 10% of what u earn today.
Me : Well back then cost of living was 5% of wat it is today isn’t it..?
AK : You are a smart lad. Aren’t  you?
Me : :-)
AK : So how are your parents?
Me : Dey r doin fine.
AK : Is your dad on fb?
Me : No he is not. He is not dat much into computers and other electronic gadgets u see.
AK : Does he have a mobile at least.?
Me : Ya he does.
AK : Whats his no.
Me : ???
AK : Oh. I’m not your Principal. You can give his no. I would like to speak to such a Smart young man’s dad someday. :-)
Me : 9986161303
AK : So what next?
Me : Next..?
AK : Ya next. What next after moving to your new job. Your future plans, about getting married, settling down. Those things.
Me : R u kiddin me. Isn't dis too early to think about such things.  Forget abot looking aftr some1 els, I consider myself to be too young to even look aftr myself. And I luv my bed too much to share it with some1 els, atlest for now.
AK : This generation is too afraid to take up responsibilities. I tell you, time will fly away even before you realise it. Then you will have to marry someone just for the sake of it.
Me : But still.
AK : But once you find that right person you wont talk like this.
Me : I’m happy I din find one. Also I don intend to do so for the next few years.
AK : U need not. Sometimes they find you.
Me : I don think some1 wud be so dumb to think I’m a right person.
AK : You are not just Smart. You are funny too.
Me : If U say so.
AK : My elder brother has a daughter, she’s in her 3rd year of engg. She too is very smart like you.
Me : Oh.
AK : She too plans to join the IT industry after finishing her degree.
Me : Gud.
AK : My brother plans to get her married after her engg.
Me : Gud again.
AK : I was just thinking....
Me : about..?
AK : what a beautiful COUPLE you both would make.

No. No way is this happening to me. Now I was able to connect to all those dots. All his questions and queries. What a fool I was and I am. I couldn't believe this was happening for real. For a moment I thought it was a dream. But it wasn't. The next thing I did was to Unfriend him. Thank God I gave him a wrong number.

                And for you Mr.Ananthakrishnan, I have not even given my parents the privilege of finding me a Life partner. So you need not worry about it. And who knows, your elder brother’s daughter might have already found a potential partner for herself or I hope she is smart enough to find him for herself in the future. So you need not worry about her too. And for Devil’s sake this is not a Matrimonial site, its fcuking Social Networking one. Stop misusing it. Thank God none suggested this idea to Zuckerberg.
                May be this was God's way of getting back at me for ogling at the pics of all those unknown girls. But then I learnt my lesson. Not to add people on fb whom I do not know. Atleast those who are not of my age group.


  1. Lol, time does fly away though and (gulp) you might have to look for soemone just for the heck of it ;).... as silly as his observation sounded, it is true... so fall in love... it is the best way to find someone you can connect to :)

    1. If only it were as good as it sounds. Finding someone, falling in love and all that. Its a bit of pain you know.

  2. Replies
    1. Too much of a theoretical knowledge to try the experiment. :-)
      But I'm not completely eliminating the possibility of that happening though. :P

  3. ala! cynic based on theory... tch tch :P:P have you heard of the frog in the well syndrome :P just teasing...

    1. Cynic.?? :-( As I said, 'I'm not completely eliminating the possibility'. Just the probability seems to be less. :P