Friday, March 4, 2011

Kalyanamam Kalyanam

And here comes a post after little more than a year. It wasn’t as if I had more important things to do than writing a blogpost, or nothing exciting happened in my life. Actually I had the most exciting year of my life in 2010. But its mainly due to the... ummm, u know, the so called laziness. So why all of a sudden now this enlightenment.? Nothing much. Lots of free time at office and home, creative overflow, boredom of having the same routine everyday and a marriage coming up shortly.


Did I mention “MARRIAGE” at the end..??

Yes..!! That’s what this post is all about. The Eternal Unification of two human souls, who from then promise to be at each others’ side at all times. Sharing their happiness, sorrows, secrets, feelings, worries, excitement, rooms, beds…. O oh.. Oops sorry.. But isn’t it true. Marriage is truly an Eternal unification of two human body and soul. I feel that marriage is like getting oil and water work together. Which is rather impossible. But if the same water is mixed with kadalai maavu applied to molaga and put into boiling oil, they produce such tasty “Molaga Bajji” (pat on back). Ya that is what marriage is about, not just accepting one’s best side but adjusting to their worse side and living together in harmony.

Enough with explaining about marriage. Naa inna Marriage counselor ah..? It all started when Manju called me one nice n lazy Sunday afternoon.

*Vibrate* *Vibrate* *Vibrate* *Vibrate*(my cell’s always on silent n vibrate mode)…

Me      - Soldra Manju (Tel me Manju)
Manju  - Eppadi da irukke (How r U..?)
Me      - Ade dhan da, summa TV paathukittu vettiya dhan irukkaen. (The same thing, just watching TV n getting wasted)
Manju - Apparam innakki velaikki pogalaya..? (Then didn’t u go to work today..?)
Me     - Dei bodhai la irukkiya enna, innaikki Sunday da. (Are you high or what? Its Sunday today)
Manju - Aama la. Konjam tension la irunden adhan marandu poochi. (Ya right. I forgot that in the tension)
Me     - Dai nee poora pooke sariya ille, enakku eedo doubt’aa irukku. Ok edukku itthanai naala call panla. (I don’t feel right about the way you are acting. Ok, why didn’t you call for so many days?).
Manju - Ungalukku ella oru shocking news kudukalaam nu dhan da ivvalavu naala call panle. (Want to give you people a shocking news. That’s why didn't cal you guys for so many days).

James Bond BGM

Me      - Dai ennaikki un Kalyanam..? (Hey, when is your marriage..?)
Manju  - Vekkam, maDam, Naanam kalandha oru sirippu. (*Blushes*).
Me      - (in shock) Dei nijamava da. Enna vechhi edhum comedu kemidy pannaliye.? (Is it true. You are not fucking around with me, are you..?)
Manju  - Ippo dhan da confirm pannanga, udane unakku cal pannitaen (Just now they confirmed, and I immediately called you.)

I don't know why, but I felt like I was being invited for my friend’s child marriage. I always feel that I have not grown enough, both physically and mentally. And I felt the same about all my friends. But now... Suddenly one of the child is getting married. Kadavule... Indha aniyayatthe keekka yaarum illaya.. The innocence is lost at such an early age. From now how can I call him at 11 or 12 in the night, how can I call him for a drink, would he smoke with us(Dum adikardu een pondatikku pidikale da, adhan vittutaen nu sonna), he has to ask his wife’s permission if he has to come out with us, and return back by 8pm(naanga kelambarde 7.30 ku dhan), he wont come to movies with us, b’coz he has to take his wife to the same movie, kutti sevuru mela ukkandu kittu ponnungale sight adikka mudiyuma..? Aiyahoo.. (Soodhanai mel soodhanai podhum-mada saami).

Manju - Dei.. Dei.. enna aachi..? (Hey, are you there..?)
Me     - (shaking off the thoughts from head) Onnum illa da, Eppadi irunda nee eppadi aagapoore nu nenachi paathenda. (Nothing, was just wondering whats gonna happen to you.)

Me     - Ponnu enda ooru, enna padichiruku, enna pannikittu irukku, avanga family eppadi.. (Then which place does the girl belong to, what is her qualification, what is she doing, what about their family..?)
Manju - Ponnu Shimoga da, BA complete panni irukku, ippo edo computer course pannikittu irukkam. Naa innum ponnu kitte sariya pesale da. (Girl’s from shimoga, has completed her BA and doing some computer course now. I haven’t spoken to the girl much.)
Me     - appo ippo call panni peesu. (Then call her now.)
Manju - Ava number en kitte illa da. Confirm aana pinne naane cal pandren nu sonna (I don’t have her no. She said that she will call herself once the alliance is fixed.)

Now I accept.. Girls are more mature and smart than boys(should I mention men and women..?)

Me     - Sari number kedache apparam call panni paesu da. (Cal her once you get the number).
Manju - Ok da.
Me     - Aama ponnukku neraya friends irukkangala..? (Has the girl got many friends..?)
Manju - Another “Vekkam, maDam, Naanam kalandha oru sirippu”.. Naa ketuttu soldren (Again *Blushes*, will ask her and let you know)
Me     - sari yallarukkum sollitiya..? (Have you informed others?)
Manju - Illa da inimel dhan sollanum. (No, I’m yet to inform others).
Me      - Sari appo nee matthavangalukku cal panni inform pannidu. (Ok then. Caln others and inform them too).
Manju  - Ok da.
Me      - Dai.. (5 sec pause) Congrats da…
Manju  - Yet another “Vekkam, maDam, Naanam kalandha oru sirippu”.. (Again *Blushes*)..

*Beep* *Beep* *Beep* *Beep* *Beep*(Sound on my mobile phone, nothing censored here..:P)

So guys that’s it. My friend is gonna tie the knot on 6th March and enter the next stage of life “The Grahasta”. Therefore I pray to the Almighty to bless the little couple and shower them with all the happiness in the world. And pray that he have a happy life like the one he had till now and never ever in his life, get beaten up by his wife. –Amen

To the Bride- “Amma, enga kannaye un kitte oppadikirom, adule naanga verum aananda kanneeradhan paakanum

And we got to know that the Bride has got a lot of friends. That too good-looking ones.. Aiyaa jolly...

Bye Bye...


  1. Fuckin awesome... spellbound.. wait wil let u kno after i collect some more damn good adjectives.